At Baeks Chiropractic Health Center, our Chino chiropractor welcomes patients suffering from back pain due to underlying posture issues. If you’re wondering whether poor posture, stress, and misalignment of the vertebrae have contributed to your back pain, learn the relationship between poor posture and back pain, plus how we can help.

What are the Causes of Poor Posture?

By understanding the causes of poor posture, you can stay pain-free after our Chino Hills chiropractor makes adjustments and live in wellness, not pain.

Common causes of poor posture include:

  • Lack of exercise – The longer you live a sedentary lifestyle, the greater your risk of weight gain and muscle atrophy. Since exercise forces your body into different postures and creates natural movement, lack of exercise exacerbates posture issues.
  • Obesity – Obesity places a strain on your joints, muscles, and ligaments. Losing weight benefits your spine and posture.
  • Sitting all day long – Staying in any posture for too long will cause back pain and changes to your spine. Adding movement to your day will counteract hunching and promote better posture.
  • Forward head posture (aka “text neck”) – Constantly looking down or forward shifts the cervical spine out of alignment. Since many people spend time looking at their phones, this is a common cause of poor posture.

What are the Treatments for Back Pain?

Our Chino Hills chiropractor uses x-rays and hands-on adjustments to retrain your joints, ligaments, and muscles. By correcting misalignment of the vertebrae, we relieve stress within your body and return your body to a state of natural alignment and wellness.

After we do this, we educate you on ways to avoid your specific triggers and retain good posture going forward. We may recommend exercises to strengthen your core, reduce muscle strain, and promote back health and strength.

Come in and see our Chino chiropractor to treat your posture and relieve your back pain. If you are new to our practice, your first appointment is just $39 and includes x-rays, a consultation, and an exam. Reserve your appointment on our website or by calling us today.

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