Paulin P. (10/28/13)

Now that I no longer go to school near Dr. Baek and I work full time, my trips to see him are fewer and farther between. Therefore when I do get the opportunity to visit the office to get chiro treatment, it is an absolute treat!

// PARKING // A breeze inside the spacious plaza.

// SERVICE // Darlene and Ruth Ann are amazing in the front office. They are very accommodating because I sometimes call in at the last minute and they always make time in the schedule for me. When I come in and see the two of them, it’s like getting to see your longtime friends. They are so sweet and caring. They remember all their patients and make everyone feel welcome.

Dr. Baek is very easy to talk to and when he assesses me, he can automatically tell what is bothering me (tension in the neck, back not aligned properly, etc) without me even having to tell him. In addition, he has so many awesome gadgets in the office including the waterbed, electro-therapy pads, x-rays, etc to help with treatment.

I wish I could come to the office more often because everytime I do, I automatically feel relaxed and all the tension has been lifted off my shoulders….literally!

*tip: there is another chiro office next door so do not get confused and go to the wrong one!

Cherish H. (10/21/13)

Continues to be one of the best chiropractic care providers around. The compassion, caring, skill, and technology of this office are all top notch. The staff are all amazing- everyone is friendly, sweet, engaging and helpful! Highly recommend to help all your ailments. Dr Baek will solve
Problems you did not even know you had!

Charles L. (10/21/13)

I never really thought about going to a chiropractor to have my back treated but since my girlfriend told me about this place I thought about giving it a try.

From making the appointment to visiting the office and receiving treatment, the entire process was easy and smooth.  The receptionists both Darlene and Ruth Ann are very helpful and sweet.  Dr. Baek is very professional and I trust his expertise and ability to assess what is wrong and treat it.  I always leave feeling rejuvenated and now I am a loyal customer.

I’m glad my gf recommended this place and I highly recommend Baek’s Chiropractic Health Center to anyone looking for a professional and reliable service.

Robyn H. (10/16/13)

I’ve been going to Dr. Baek for a few months now and am really happy with my investment here. After my initial consultation, a treatment plan was set up for me with a few different payment options. For the length and amount of treatment I’m getting, the price is definitely reasonable. For the amount of pain relief I’ve felt, the price is absolutely 100% worth it! I always feel comfortable here and that my time is respected.

I also really appreciate how accommodating they are of my schedule. Sometimes my work hours are a little crazy and I have to cancel or reschedule at the last minute. They’re always really understanding and will fit me in wherever they can. I have NO idea what the previous reviewer was saying about Ruthann. Both Ruthann and Darlene are amazing – always nice, friendly, and make you feel comfortable. I’ve never been treated poorly or felt they were rude in the slightest, even when they were busy and rushed. In fact, they take time to ask you about your life, work, etc, and really get to know you while you’re there. I actually think the personal connection here is what sets Dr. Baek and his staff apart from other chiropractors I’ve been to.

Julie B. (10/17/13)

I’ve been seeing Dr. Baek for over a year now so this review is long overdue!  I decided to switch chiropractors a year ago and thanks to all of the previous Yelp reviews, I found Dr. Baek.  It was the best decision I could have made!  I literally feel like I am walking on clouds every time I leave his office.  I’ve been to a number of chiropractors over the years and Dr. Baek is the absolute BEST!  He takes the time to assess your situation and has a number of therapies to help loosen tight muscles before an adjustment.  I visit Dr. Baek’s office weekly for adjustments.  Since I started treatment at his office, the pain relief and increased motion in my neck is truly amazing!  I only wish I would have made the change to Dr. Baek years ago.

Dr. Baek also has an awesome staff (Darlene & Ruth Ann) who make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in the door!  Thanks for everything : )

Julie H. (10/16/13)

I was recently in a car accident and in need of a Chiropractor.  I am glad that I came across Dr. Baek in the phone book …not only is he a great Chiropractor he has up to date equipment.  I had concerns that my back would never get back to normal and it has with Dr. Baeks treatments.  He was determined to do what ever he had to for my back to fully recover.  I am very appreciative for what he has done for me.

His staff was also very helpful and friendly.  They are very flexible with their scheduling which made it more convenient for me.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Beak and his staff!

Danny G. (02/01/13)

Dr. Baek is a great individual and sincerely cares about me as a patient. He gives me great advice on how to avoid myself from finding my way back into the office.

I went there for three months and i feel better than ever. Happy I took a chance on going to his practice.

Lauren I. (11/01/12)

I’ve been struggling with nerve, spinal curvature, knee, hip, and headache issues for a little over two years as of November 2010.  I’ve seen a huge variety of doctors/therapists/fairy Godmothers and I can easily say that Dr. Baek has been the absolute best health care provider for me on this crazy journey. He makes me feel comfortable, important, and generally cares about my well-being. I see him 3-4 times a week, and his consistency with my difficult condition has been amazing. I wish I could have seen him when my issue initially began, but I am thankful that I see him now, 2 years after my incident. I have ultimate respect for him, as he has the same with me. Not only is the treatment seemingly flawless, Ruth Ann and Darlene always greet me with a smile on their face, and are very flexible to my crazy work, school, internship, and volunteering schedule. It is affordable, and an overall great experience. If there is some sort of silver lining with this tragic problem I have, it must be meeting this extraordinary doctor and his helpers. I strongly recommend Dr. Baek to anyone.

Sonjia S. (05/07/12)

I wish I could give 10 stars to Dr Baek and his team- they are super amazing- I walked in there one afternoon since my shoulders had spasms and I had a horrible migraine just looking for a adjustment and some relief but not expecting much since I have been to a couple chiropractors before and really did not have any luck. I was met but Ruth Ann and Darlene and they were so kind and caring then had a consultation with Dr. Baek. He is the most caring dr I have ever met and you can tell he has a passion for helping his patients. I still remember him telling me “Sonjia your headaches are a option.” When first hearing that I thought year right- I have been to the drs millions of times have had so many tests, x rays, ect done to try to pinpoint my shoulder and neck and head problems, I suffered from 2 migraines at least a week that would last at least 24-48 hours but I said you know what I have some kind of good feeling I would get some help from Dr Baek. Sure enough I can say I am migraine and headache and pain free for the last 7 plus weeks and plan on being a patient until her retires!!! You will love love the hydro therapy bed, then all the other good things in the therapy and the adjustments make you feel like a million bucks- You will not be sorry for receiving care by Dr Baek and his team!!!!

Ashlee W. (02/08/12)

Dr. Baek has given me a new appreciation for chiropractic treatment.  He has given me the feeling for how my body and posture should feel like on a daily basis.   I came to Dr. Baek with multiple stress induced health problems, a few of which were extremely bad GERD and exercise induced hives.  The stress of working 12 hour night shifts on my body was getting unbearable and I was having trouble eating because my food would feel like it sat in my chest.   Western medicine was not helping, and the medications I was on were not relieving my discomfort.  I initially went to see him for the knots in my back, but was surprised that he could fix GERD! Within a few treatments with him, I immediately saw results.  I felt like a new person, a foot taller, and I’ve eliminated those medications that had multiple side effects.  Dr. Baek has helped my body to realign itself and to normalize it as much as possible while working night shift.   He has encouraged me to make the necessary changes in my life so that my body maintains a healthy balance and to prevent problems later on in life. I can exercise now and eat whatever I want without depending on medications.  Dr. Baek truly cares about his clients and spends the necessary time at each session.  He is friendly and personable, and he looks at each individual as a whole.  He is an awesome doctor and is definitely and expert in this field.   I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see results, feel healthier, and be happier.  Thank you!!! His staff is amazing too… Ruth Anne, Darlene, and Gale. I’ll continue to see Dr. Baek.

Richard D. (09/25/11)

All my life, I would chronically suffer from a stiff neck.  About a year ago, the stiffness in my neck developed into numbness in the fingers of my right hand.  Something was wrong so friends suggested I see a chiropractor.  Relying on Yelp, I found Dr. Baek because I was looking for a chiropractor near work.  It has been over a year now receiving treatment from Dr. Baek and I no longer suffer from a stiff neck or experience any numbness in my fingers.  The treatment I have received and the exercises prescribed by Dr. Baek have corrected my horrible posture.  Dr. Baek’s staff is also great.  Darlene is very flexible when it comes to rescheduling appointments.  Ruth Ann always makes you feel welcomed and comfortable when receiving treatment.  It is very cliche to say Dr. Baek changed my life but he truly has and I am very grateful to him.

Maria P. (10/30/09)

Hi I’ve been going to Dr Baek’s office for around three weeks now and I have to say that deciding to see him was a GREAT DECISION. I first have to start off saying that I was extremely afraid of seeing a chiropractor, just because I was uncomfortable with someone adjusting my body and hearing my “bones crack”. I vowed never to see a chiropractor no matter  what. I was too scared. But I started having really bad headaches everyday for weeks and I couldnt function at all, and having kids and all it was very difficult to get things done. My sister tried convincing me to see her chiropractor, Dr Baek. I was really desperate, because my headaches were unbearable. So I decided to see him  for a consultation. I saw Dr Baek and after meeting and talking with him, I knew I needed his help and he reassured me that he wasn’t “cracking my bones” but realigning my back and neck and the cracking was really just the sound of releasing the gas in my body, i guess in the crevices. So I continued seeing him. I see him about three times a week, leraning that thats how many times I NEEDED to see him. because of his work, I dont have my headaches everyday and the intensity is not as great.  The frequency and intensity of my headaches have greatly improved. THANK GOD!!! Dr Baek is really one of the nicest doctors I have met and his staff is very nice  and welcoming. IF you are looking for relief from your headache without taking medication, I highly recommend seeing Dr Baek and seeking his help. Remember, I was very skeptical, now I really look forward to my appointments, knowing it will bring me more and more relief. Thanks Dr. Baek!